This athlete gives his all to UnCharted, whether it's getting at it on a WOD, judging at a competition or singing karaoke (and he's superb at that!) This athlete is not only a competitor but one of the loudest cheerleaders. He is going to be able to use all that fitness soon when he welcomes his sons into the world here very soon!

Eric Mill

First off, thank you UnCharted coaches for nominating me for the July Spotlight Athlete. Prior to starting CrossFit, I was already a very active person by hitting the gym daily and playing various sports. My journey in CrossFit began by purchasing a Groupon back in 2014 to a local CrossFit affiliate. I always heard mixed opinions about CrossFit and even had some negative thoughts myself before giving it a shot. I waited until the last day the Groupon was good for and figured I'd check it out. WOW! Talk about an intimidating environment to walk into……music blaring, hot as can be, people with their shirts off, people on the floor. I started thinking what the heck was I about to get myself into? I grew up playing sports and working out in hot temperatures, but this looked like it was on a whole different level. I would soon find out that in fact it was, but also how great it was and decided CrossFit was for me.

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Since joining CrossFit, I've really increased my physical abilities more than I ever thought I could and improved my nutrition (besides beer). I've learned the importance of technique, which in turn has made me stronger, healthier and has allowed me to reach goals exceeding my expectations. In fact, I feel like I'm in better shape now at 38 than I was in my early 20s. CrossFit is very addicting and I love it because you never know what you're going to walk into each day. Some of the easiest looking workouts end up being some of the worst. You can always find a weakness, which is great because you always have a new goal to aim for. One of the best things about CrossFit is the competition and support side of it each day. This is one of the few activities that people are competitive against each other, but at the same time, your biggest fan and cheering you on to the finish. The different programs offered at UnCharted have helped me become an overall better athlete.  Lisa and I have developed so many great friendships through CrossFit and it's honestly like another family to us. It's also something we enjoy doing together, have fun with and occasionally maybe compete against each other.

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Lisa and I decided to make a gym change to UnCharted CrossFit just over a year ago and we couldn’t be happier.  UnCharted, in my opinion, is the nicest gym in the St. Louis area and has a community that is the best around. The one thing I can say about this community is that it not only sticks together inside the gym, but also outside the gym, which is awesome. The ownership, coaches and athletes have been incredible since joining and we look forward to many more years at UCCF.  

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I've recently noticed several new members to UnCharted and several of those new to CrossFit. I would like to mention a few things to all the new CrossFitters. Don't ever get frustrated if you forget what various movements are, don't compare yourself to people in a class that have been doing CrossFit for a while and don't ever say you won't be able to do something. When I first started, I had to sneak over to my phone and google what certain movements were until I finally remembered. There are so many movements in CrossFit that it takes a while to understand and remember what they are. I still, to this day, have to question certain movements that I may not have done in a while or at all. Plus, all the coaches are more than happy to demonstrate and help you. Comparing yourself to others and saying you won't ever be able to do something kind of go together. Every single person at UnCharted was in your position at one time and probably even had the same thoughts.  Personally, I never thought I would be able to do some of the gymnastic movements I can do or lift a certain weight, but it takes time and goal setting. If you set your sights on something (whether it's a ring muscle up, pull-up, hitting a max weight, etc.), you will accomplish it. Just don't get frustrated, don't quit and stay focused. It takes time. CrossFit is a never ending sport of chasing personal goals!!  Whether it's your first week or you're 5th year in CrossFit, the conclusion of a WOD never feels good. If you feel terrible, that means you gave it your all. All of this is what makes CrossFit so much fun.  

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Thanks again for the nomination see everyone around!!