February is the perfect month for this Athlete Spotlight couple. We love to watch them workout together, love to see  them lift together and love that they volunteer their extra time together helping our UCCF community in so many ways. They love to help make our gym the best place to be. They are a true inspiration because of their loving commitment to making their lives better - together.

Nikki Jorgensen & Alex Lawson


We are both so honored to be UnCharted’s Spotlight Athletes for February. This is the month of love. We love each other, we love CrossFit and we love all our friends at UnCharted CrossFit.

From Alex


I can make the argument that if it wasn’t for CrossFit, Nikki may have never responded to a message on the dating app Hinge. She noticed some CrossFit pictures with my toned and tanned physique and thought WOW I need this man in my life. But enough about her man crush on me. Let’s go back further in time. At several points in my life, I was definitely obese. The most I remember weighing was 247 lbs on Labor Day 2014, so that day I decided to take control of things. People ask me, what motivated you to change? I don’t have a great answer because I realized nothing really motivates me. Motivation comes and goes. I am driven. I am driven to make my life better. At this point you might be thinking that Alex has one of those cool CrossFit weight loss stories. Nope. In hindsight, I should have become an Instagram influencer.


I started my weight loss by following Weight Watchers. It taught me to track my food and taught me moderation. I started walking every day at Forest Park. After losing 30 lbs from just nutrition and walking, I started going to the gym. In two years I lost 80 lbs, 247 down to 167 lbs. I thought I was as fit I could possibly be … haha how naïve is that? 


It wasn’t until July 2016 when I was on a work trip in Rochester, NY, that CrossFit came into my life. A Financial Advisor at my old job asked me what I was doing after work. I told him I was going to work out at the hotel. He invited to Canandaigua CrossFit, which he owned. After he settled my CrossFit jitters, I gladly joined him for this thing called a WOD. I remember having to scale every part of the workout and being absolutely exhausted afterwards. It was a life changing moment, it made me see the potential in myself. I was so excited for this new chapter in my fitness journey. I couldn’t wait to get home and find a box near me. To me CrossFit is a lifestyle, not just a fitness class. It strengthens my body, mind, and my relationship with Nikki. We’re always supporting each other in all facets of fitness, health, and nutrition. It has undoubtedly made our love for each other that much stronger.

From Nikki


I can validate Alex’s argument ... definitely wouldn’t have responded. CrossFit has become a huge part of our life together. You know - complaining who is the sorest or who needs the last cup of coffee. All jokes aside, I could have never imagined the personal growth I would gain from CrossFit and the positivity it would bring to our relationship. When I started CrossFit in 2016, I was living in a small town in Central Missouri. I had been wanting to try CrossFit for quite some time, but didn’t really have the opportunity due to no affiliates being located near me. Luckily for me an affiliate opened in my small town in January of 2016. I was hooked from the start, it was just what I needed. CrossFit was the catalyst for a lot change in my life. First, I learned the hard way you can’t go hard (for long) if you are hardly taking care of yourself.


Insert extended time off CrossFit due to injury, new job and, new town. Once the dust settled a bit, I started CrossFit again. I have always loved how accomplished I feel after the workouts. I grew up on my family’s cattle ranch and at an early age gained an understanding of hard work. I contribute my success with farmer carries to the countless 5-gallon buckets of water I hauled to my show cattle. I have transferred the mentality I learned as a child to CrossFit and Weightlifting. I know the small things you do every day add up to the big successes. These successes look differently for everyone, which makes it more special because it is specific to you. What I love the most though is our community at UCCF; I feel as invested in everyone else’s success as mine. It brings me so much happiness to see each of you every day. 


Thank you so much to all the coaches at UnCharted CrossFit for choosing us to be in this month’s Athlete Spotlight. If it wasn't for our friends at UnCharted, we're not sure that we would have been able to start and continue building MO REPS. You all have given us endless support. Thank you so much!

Alex and Nikki