As one of our original Pioneer Members, our first Athlete Spotlight Member for 2019 can be considered an OG, (Original Gangster in the CrossFit vernacular) but it's also because he's been CrossFitting over eight years! But more than that, this athlete has been a stellar supporter of UCCF and our community from our humble beginnings. He has a wicked sense of humor, a commitment to his health, a deep love of family and even on his "bad days" he can lift a TON!




Hey everyone! I can't believe I was asked to be the January Spotlight Athlete of the month. I mean it, and I’m still a little confused - honestly - haha! Being a Spotlight Athlete in January, I've always thought came with a big responsibility because it’s the busiest time of year at the gym. People are setting new goals, weighing accomplishments and motivating themselves with promises that this next year will be different. As much as I'd love to share (and I know you'd love to read) my boring 8-year history of how I got into CrossFit, I thought instead I'd try to share some things that have kept me motivated to keep coming back so I can maybe help curb athletes from giving up on resolutions after a couple weeks into the year.  

For those of you who don't know, I spent 8 years in the United States Navy in my much younger years. I was stationed in San Diego next to the SEAL training base and picked up their mantra that I carry with me every time I walk into the gym: "The only easy day was yesterday." I love that! It speaks volumes to how I think everybody should approach the workout they're getting ready to do. To me, it means NO EXCUSES - no work out is easy and it only hurts when don’t give it your all. Like it says on the back wall at the gym "…Make it the best hour of your day." Nothing should inhibit you from giving your absolute 100% effort because that's how you improve, and the funny thing about improvement is it becomes addictive: once you see one small increase you'll want to see more. No workout is easy. If it is, then you just cheated yourself and wasted a spot in the class. CrossFit has always been about challenging yourself to do something every day. Which brings me to my next point.

Be competitive and bet on yourself every time, find that arch-nemesis and challenge them. Some days I'm competing with myself, other days it's Will Linenweber, sometimes it will be Sam Swafford; hell I've even been competitive with Dorthy Scroggins on being the baddest mutha F* walking. Whatever it is, set the bar, write down the goal or at least scream louder than the person next to you; do it better than you have ever done before. After all, that's what attracts us to the gym, our ritualistic spirit to sacrifice everything we have to beat our opponent.  

The community - one thing that has made CrossFit such a core piece of my life and keeps me showing up is everybody I share the experience with. It's Marsha from accounting, the school teachers in the summer, the homemakers that I see at the 9:15 class, or my old buddies in the afternoon classes. Every single person who shows up to class decided to come in and enjoy the suck together. It's the physical intensity that we share with each other that binds us into a community. We carry each other to victory and bask in gratitude for finishing each workout; the real bonus is we get a little stronger by doing it.

Finally, have a cheerleader. It could be your mom, a coach (who do a phenomenal job by the way) or somebody that’s twice your age that you met at the gym who turns out to be friends' mom (Barb Hauenstein). Find somebody who recognizes the hard work you put in and will hold you accountable on the days that you have all the excuses not to go. Mine is obviously is my wife Adrienne. I got her into CrossFit here at UnCharted, and now I've created a monster. She will call me out on any excuse almost to the point that it's annoying. She's been my crux, my courage and has even kicked me in the ass a few times to keep me on track toward all my goals. If you don't have a cheerleader, get someone. Believe me, they can come in any form. 

Hopefully, this helps someone stay focused this year and keeps them coming back for more. Have a great 2019 CrossFitters.

  End rant.