If you're not up well before the crack of dawn or don't ever get to Saturday workouts, you still have probably met this CrossFit "OG" (Old Guy in CrossFit). He's at all our competitions judging and cheering on athletes from our gym as well as other gyms. We're here to tell you his dedication to CF and our gym is stellar and we're so glad he's one of our own!
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I am absolutely an attention whore. So being told there would be a SPOTLIGHT on me was extremely exciting.

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The Beginning:
     I began “dabbling” in CrossFit in January of 2012 (6 years ago!!??). I and a few of the regular “boot-campers” at my office got together and paid to have a CrossFit instructor come to our gym and put us through workouts. The workouts were different from the boot camps, but it wasn’t real CrossFit. We didn’t have rowers, had only 1 oly bar, no wall balls, and our heaviest kettlebell was 30 pounds. I learned some of the lingo and most of the acronyms and did a whole bunch of burpees. I joined a CrossFit gym in April of 2012. I can remember my first class vividly. The skill was double-unders and we had to see how many we could do in 60 seconds (I got 47).  And the WOD was 5 rounds of 3 handstand push-ups, 6 CTB pull-ups, and 9 OHS at 115 lbs. I don’t remember my time, but I know I did strict press instead of the HSPUs, I did kipping pull-ups that were nowhere near chest-to-bar, and my OHS was at 75# and my form was awful. But I was hooked.  I loved the fact that there was a coach encouraging me to go at a lower weight because I had never done OHS before. I loved that the coach was providing instruction and correcting form throughout the WOD. I loved that I was not only in competition with myself, but with a bunch of names on a whiteboard. It was AWESOME!

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The Middle:
5 AM became my preferred workout time. People think I’m crazy to set the alarm for four o’clock in the morning to work out. But it has always worked for me. Lynette and I knew each other from our previous gym, and I became a member of Uncharted CrossFit 2 months after it opened. I love the CrossFit methodology and I love my early morning crew. Getting up early to crack inappropriate jokes with friends and compete with both the guys and the girls is completely worth it to me. We have cultivated a strong little morning crew family where we have fun with each other and we hold each other accountable for fitness. We even allow the lazy people who sleep in until 6 AM class to be a part of it.

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Looking Forward:
Uncharted is a great gym that has premier equipment, a strong community, and excellent coaches. I am proud to be a part of it. I will leave you with a few important things you should know:

  1. Dorothy Scroggins is the HEART and SOUL of the UCCF community, so act accordingly when the queen arrives.
  2. The 2 most memorable sounds at UCCF are the glee of someone PR’ing a lift or skill and “TEN SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!” (Peterson style)
  3. We all have one major thing in common: we all pay money to do calisthenics in a warehouse.
  4. “You can’t out-fitness a bad diet.” – Lynette Kotraba
  5. We are all competitive and want to win, but in the end no one really cares what place you got. But, EVERYONE cares if you cheat. Don’t cheat.
  6. Stretch. CrossFit can be intense. It is very difficult to do CrossFit while injured. So take care of your body and listen to it. Avoiding injury will allow you to CrossFit for a long time. 
  7. Peeing while jumping rope or farting in the bottom of a squat are perfectly acceptable. 
  8. Focus on the tiny victories. If you want a pull-up, break the process down into smaller steps so you can achieve little bits of success on your way to the big success. It will build momentum.
  9. Always be friendly. If there is a new member or a drop-in, you should pride yourself on being the first person to introduce yourself to them. Tell an inappropriate joke within the first five minutes because they need to know what they signed up for.
  10. Always cheer. If you finish the workout before others, you have permission to roll on the floor and catch your breath for no more than 60 seconds. You have a cash out consisting of getting up off the floor, finding the nearest athlete still working and encouraging them to keep fighting. When the last athlete is done, then you can be done.

- Sam 

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