"I'm so honored to be chosen as UnCharted's first athlete spotlight! Tyler finally got me to give CrossFit a try in April. I was so nervous because I knew what Tyler was doing and I knew I couldn't compare to him. He assured me I would be able to do the workout and they would make accommodations for me as needed. I've never sweated so much or been as sore! However, I kept returning. I loved learning something new every day and having a program written and ready to go. I would spend hours in a globo gym not knowing what to do, never enjoyed going, saw no change in my body and wasn't really improving on how much weight I was lifting. So I gave up on that. Now, six months later, I find myself in the gym usually 5-6 times a week, sweating my butt off, and I know I'm getting stronger. I've also made several new friends through Crossfit. I enjoy spending time in the gym with them, cheering each other on, as well as hanging out on the weekends. I'm so happy we joined UnCharted in July. Everyone was so welcoming and the coaches truly want to see you succeed. They challenge you in the best way. Looking forward to many more years of PRs at UnCharted!"

"I'm so proud of Angie for being selected as the first Athlete spotlight at Uncharted. It doesn't seem like too long ago that it took everything I had to drag her to Club Fitness a few days a week. Working out just isn't a priority for some people, and I was fine with Angie being one of them. I couldn't be happier that she's decided to make it part of her life now, though - not to mention actually enjoying it! A few weeks ago she was telling me how she was having a rough day at work and had a ton of stuff she needed to get done. But once she got to Uncharted and started working out, the stress slowly went away. By the time she left, she felt much better and "back to normal." A few nights ago, she had a dream that she could do strict pull-ups with ease! I'm so happy with the changes she's made in her life to prioritize personal health and fitness. Love you, friend. We'll get rid of that thigh gap yet!"