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Athlete Spotlight- March 2018


Athlete Spotlight- March 2018

You've seen her at the 6:45 class religiously putting in extra time to work on her on pull ups; she comes to Sunday's Open Gym to work on - pull ups! But many of you know her for her time and talents volunteering at our competitions and events, whether judging athletes or selling t-shirts, photographing the event and cheering people on, just like she does in every class. We couldn't be happier that she rose to the challenge of CrossFit and chose UnCharted as her home box! 



I received an email today from Lynette with the subject “Happy Tuesday.” Intrigued,
I opened it as soon as I saw and was in total shock: I’ve been chosen as the athlete spotlight for March! I was smiling ear to ear and felt my face turn red from blushing. I am beyond flattered. Then the extreme dread set in; I have to write about myself. Welp, here goes nothing…

I’ll start from the very beginning. I’ve never been what you call athletic. As a young kid, I never played any sports and somehow even missed out on the obligatory playing of soccer that most everyone seems to have in their past. In high school, the closest I ever got was trying out for the cheer squad. Spoiler alert: I didn’t make the team - A squad or B squad. It wasn’t until college that I started having any interest in fitness. At first it was getting down with Billy Blanks in my basement doing some Tae Bo. Unfortunately, that wasn’t sustainable because I was just trying to lose weight and felt it was more of a chore than something I found enjoyable. Eventually I joined Gold’s Gym and I was hooked. I started going nearly every day. The only issue was that I really had no idea what I was doing. I made my way into some of the group fitness classes and I enjoyed those because they gave me some structure. I kept up this routine for many years. Then one day it was gone: the spark, the passion. I’d miss a class here and there. Then a whole week – gasp – I hadn’t done that in 5+ years. Ultimately, I let my membership lapse and the next thing I knew I had not worked out in 6 months.


I saw an ad for a 6-week challenge. It focused on lifting and some aspects of CrossFit so my interest was piqued. After the challenge ended I began looking into CrossFit gyms around where I live. A few came up in a decent radius but one especially got my attention from their really great website – UnCharted!

I actually sat with it in my back pocket for a bit. Then one day I woke up and knew things had to change. I set up my first class and it was the night before I closed on my house. The next day when I limped into my closing, I knew I found what I had been missing. The passion for working out was back! I finished Elements and opted for the 12 classes a month. My first month, even with the few elements classes, I blew through the 12 classes and had to add on. By month two I upped my package to unlimited. I now attend classes the majority of days. There’s nothing better than ending my day at UnCharted and if I cannot attend a class I feel like something is missing.

I love UnCharted and CrossFit because it really is a fantastic community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and when we do the workouts we are in it together, enduring it next to each other. Then there are the coaches. I cannot put into words how awesome they are. They are some of the most helpful people I’ve ever met and they really do care about you hitting your goals, your concerns, your triumphs – just about you. All of that on top the tough workouts makes it really easy to keep coming back for more each day.

Best part of all, during the bingo fun I got to be the top of the pyramid so it was like I was a cheerleader for a night. Dreams do come true! Thank you all for your support,
encouragement, friendship, and being generally awesome!