MAY 2018 Athlete Spotlight Jada Jordan

MAY 2018 Athlete Spotlight Jada Jordan


     This lady is very consistent in her workouts here at UnCharted. She's at the gym a good 6 out of 7 days per week, every time giving her max effort. She loves to hear "3-2-1-GOOOO" as that pushes her to get the optimum workout she can get. And Sunday's Open Gym finds her working on her weaknesses as well as sharpening her skills. She's community-driven: always cheering, encouraging and supporting everyone around her. We hope her work ethic rubs off on everyone! Meet:



     As with most of the other athletes that Lynette and Patti have focused on, I was truly shocked to be chosen.  There are so many awesome people at this gym, and I didn’t really think I would be focused on.  What do I mean by that?  There are stronger and more proficient folks that can do more and go faster than I can.  But as I think about it, isn’t the point that we are always striving to be better, right?

I find it really hard to talk about myself like others have said in their Spotlight articles, but here it goes….


     I was pretty much in a gym consistently until my early 20’s because of the sports that I was involved in.  I fell off because I was busy working, going to school and being a single mom.  And let’s be honest,  I could eat and drink whatever I wanted at that time and nothing about my body changed! Then when those pounds started coming on in my 30’s, (and not going away on their own), I decided that I needed to get back to it. 

     Like most, I HATED going to a gym and going on the treadmill for 30 min. then walking around the weight room trying to figure out what I should do for that day.  I found myself landing in a boxing gym and fell in love with it.  I even got into the ring to spar with a trainer a few times to see if I wanted to actually box another person (not just a heavy bag.)  I only had to get hit hard in the face once to realize that was not the path for me! 


     Fast forward to June, 2016, I had an accident where I severely broke my left wrist. I was actually told that I would likely never be able to regain full function again.  They also informed me that my bones were “very thin” and borderline Osteoparitic! I was only 42!.  I was depressed because the only thing that kept me sane was my workouts. My crazy-self went ahead and worked out with a cast on and hit the bag with one arm!  (Yes I am THAT person)

     So why change since I loved boxing so much? Simple, I needed to get stronger!  The cardio was great, but I was building no muscle and not making my body (bones) stronger.  And shortly thereafter a pretty awesome person introduced me to CrossFit.  I thought I could be a rockstar when I first started because I did work out and all…..Then two weeks in, I did 16.1 and that’s where stuff got real! I immediately thought I made a poor life choice at that moment.  But afterward, I was bitten with the desire to just.get.better.



     I can honestly say that I have fallen more in love with CrossFit since then and have no desire to go back to my old boxing gym. (AND I never thought I would say that.) The people at UnCharted are a major reason why I love CrossFit as well.  They make me want to come every day and they push me even when I am not necessarily on my "A" game.  I am excited to push myself more and achieve more goals that I have set for myself!



If You Can Breath, You Can Brace!

If you can’t breathe, you can’t brace. Many times we think about taking a deep breath in and bracing our core to prepare to hit a big lift. Do we actually know what we are bracing? Am I just holding my breath? Knowing how to properly breathe is the first step in bracing properly.

To properly breathe you must be able to use your diaphragm. Your diaphragm is a large parachute-like muscle underneath your lungs that assists you to draw air in and help expel air out. It is our primary respiratory muscle. As your diaphragm contracts it draws air into your body and as it relaxes it pushes air out. On the left is the diaphragm contracting and on the right is the diaphragm relaxing and air being expelled.


There are many ways to find out how to breathe into your diaphragm. The easiest way is to lay down on the floor and place one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Take 5 deep breaths focusing on your breath and ensuring that your hand on your belly moves first. As your inhale your belly button should move away from your spine and as you exhale it should move toward your spine. This should be done while taking your breaths in and out of your nose. If you feel it is hard for you to breathe into your belly, work on this drill throughout the day. Another way to find your diaphragm is to sit in a lotus position and place your hands underneath your ribs. When you take a breath, your hands should be the first to move. Think of breathing into your hands or an imaginary belt wrapped around you.

Now that you know how to breathe into your diaphragm you can properly brace your core. My favorite cue for this is to act like you are going to be punched in the gut. You must first breathe into your diaphragm in order to brace your core. Think of your core like a pop can- you can stack a substantial amount of weight on an empty pop can if stacked right, however there is a much higher risk for the can to be crushed with any minor dent in the can. Now think of a pop can full of fluid that you just shook up- there is a large amount of pressure inside the can and that can hold more weight with less chance of being dented. The empty can would be your spine without you taking a breath in, where you can still hold weight if stacked properly but have a higher risk for injury like being “dented.” Now if your take a breath in and create intra abdominal pressure like when you “shake up the can”, you can hold more weight with less risk of injury. This technique is called the “Valsalva Maneuver” and should be used for maximal squat attempts. While performing more repetitions it is important to breathe in-between reps, but to ensure you are breathing through your diaphragm and maintaining core stability.

- Coach Ryan 





Kind of known as the "Silent CrossFitter" around UCCF, this gentleman is renowned for his quiet demeanor and his affection for the curl bar. You see his name leading the whiteboard on a regular basis, yet he's truly such a humble guy. But we're happy to brag on him and welcome him as our April, 2018 Spotlight Athlete. Meet:

    *  MATT WHITESIDES *     

To whom it may concern,

Matthew Brian Whitesides (born March 17, 1991) is an American office worker and former barista. He currently trains at Uncharted CrossFit. Virtually all modern scholars agree that Whitesides does in fact exist.

Now a word from Matt,

Thank you Lynette and Patti for this honor, I am proud to be chosen for this considering all the past athletes and their awesome stories. I figured if I stuck around long enough, they'd run out of good candidates and have to wrap back around to me. I was hoping to stealthily avoid ever doing this, but it seems this is what fate has brought me. Luckily I'm crushing this writeup so far.


I've always enjoyed working out. I'm pretty sure I've been working out at least five days a week since I was in middle school. For some sick reason I always liked getting up early so I always took a before-school strength training class and then another one during school hours.

Before CrossFit, I always did the classic body building type workouts: Monday biceps, Tuesday chest, Wednesday legs, etc. However in college, a buddy of mine convinced me to try a power lifting competition. We did all right in the bench press (as that was really the only thing we worked on) but squats and dead lifts - we failed miserably. These were a couple of things we couldn’t easily do in a regular gym, as they frown upon failing or dropping weights. This in combination with my realization that I never did cardio beyond a 10 min walking warm-up got me thinking. I couldn't find any power lifting type gyms in my town, but I knew that CrossFit gyms let you drop weights, do Olympic style lifting, and force me to do things I normally wouldn't.


I went to the first gym I saw and it was some workout of only wall balls and running (I clearly recall something like one thousand wall balls and a marathon.) I did very poorly. It took me a few months before I went back, but it was a much more friendly - and fun - workout so I figured I might as well do this every day. I was much cooler in college because I'd go to the 5 AM CrossFit classes, go to a regular gym and do curls for 2 hours, then go to class. But affter graduation I moved to St. Charles and needed to find a CF gym. I googled "CF gyms" and wouldn't you know, Uncharted was only half a mile away, so I figured I could easily make that trek.


Truly Uncharted is unlike any of the other gyms I've been to, even at other CrossFit gyms. I've never been pushed to work and improve as much as here. Everyone here wakes up every day stoked to work out and then blows me out of the water on the WOD. The coaches here really care, too. Despite my best efforts of trying to slack off every day, they still continue to push me. I have to thank them for that.

Till next time,


UnCharted Barbell's Spring Lifting Meet 2018

UnCharted Barbell's Spring Lifting Meet 2018

UnCharted Barbell will be hosting our annual spring lifting meet on April 14th. This is a USAW sanctioned lifting meet that is open to youth, junior, senior and masters division. Registration cost is non-refundable $45 for USAW members and $55 for NON-USAW members. We look forward to hosting another energetic meet with lots of PRs!
Registration is now open! 

Athlete Spotlight- March 2018


Athlete Spotlight- March 2018

You've seen her at the 6:45 class religiously putting in extra time to work on her on pull ups; she comes to Sunday's Open Gym to work on - pull ups! But many of you know her for her time and talents volunteering at our competitions and events, whether judging athletes or selling t-shirts, photographing the event and cheering people on, just like she does in every class. We couldn't be happier that she rose to the challenge of CrossFit and chose UnCharted as her home box! 



I received an email today from Lynette with the subject “Happy Tuesday.” Intrigued,
I opened it as soon as I saw and was in total shock: I’ve been chosen as the athlete spotlight for March! I was smiling ear to ear and felt my face turn red from blushing. I am beyond flattered. Then the extreme dread set in; I have to write about myself. Welp, here goes nothing…

I’ll start from the very beginning. I’ve never been what you call athletic. As a young kid, I never played any sports and somehow even missed out on the obligatory playing of soccer that most everyone seems to have in their past. In high school, the closest I ever got was trying out for the cheer squad. Spoiler alert: I didn’t make the team - A squad or B squad. It wasn’t until college that I started having any interest in fitness. At first it was getting down with Billy Blanks in my basement doing some Tae Bo. Unfortunately, that wasn’t sustainable because I was just trying to lose weight and felt it was more of a chore than something I found enjoyable. Eventually I joined Gold’s Gym and I was hooked. I started going nearly every day. The only issue was that I really had no idea what I was doing. I made my way into some of the group fitness classes and I enjoyed those because they gave me some structure. I kept up this routine for many years. Then one day it was gone: the spark, the passion. I’d miss a class here and there. Then a whole week – gasp – I hadn’t done that in 5+ years. Ultimately, I let my membership lapse and the next thing I knew I had not worked out in 6 months.


I saw an ad for a 6-week challenge. It focused on lifting and some aspects of CrossFit so my interest was piqued. After the challenge ended I began looking into CrossFit gyms around where I live. A few came up in a decent radius but one especially got my attention from their really great website – UnCharted!

I actually sat with it in my back pocket for a bit. Then one day I woke up and knew things had to change. I set up my first class and it was the night before I closed on my house. The next day when I limped into my closing, I knew I found what I had been missing. The passion for working out was back! I finished Elements and opted for the 12 classes a month. My first month, even with the few elements classes, I blew through the 12 classes and had to add on. By month two I upped my package to unlimited. I now attend classes the majority of days. There’s nothing better than ending my day at UnCharted and if I cannot attend a class I feel like something is missing.

I love UnCharted and CrossFit because it really is a fantastic community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive and when we do the workouts we are in it together, enduring it next to each other. Then there are the coaches. I cannot put into words how awesome they are. They are some of the most helpful people I’ve ever met and they really do care about you hitting your goals, your concerns, your triumphs – just about you. All of that on top the tough workouts makes it really easy to keep coming back for more each day.

Best part of all, during the bingo fun I got to be the top of the pyramid so it was like I was a cheerleader for a night. Dreams do come true! Thank you all for your support,
encouragement, friendship, and being generally awesome!




February Spotlight Athlete

You've seen him at our competitions as a fierce competitor, you've seen him judging our different competitions and you've seen him at the weightlifting classes since they first started. He has also competed (first time!) in our Olympic Weightlifting Meet where he was such fun to watch. He says it all by the big grin on his face when he hits that lift  j u s t   r i g h t.
We think he's just right for UnCharted!
Meet  Chadd Salter


Doing it for the OMF’s!!! If you don’t know what that means you’re probably still in your twenties and can get through the toughest WOD’s with relative ease. As one of the coaches once said in reference to me, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and USE YOUR LEGS!!

 My journey to CrossFit took a while. Before I joined UnCharted I had always been into fitness, well - lifting weights. My ideal workout was several heavy sets of bench, dead lifts and squats and not having to wait for someone to finish doing curls in the squat rack. Although I lifted heavy, I also ate that way too. As I made it over the hill and into my 40’s, I knew I couldn’t continue to just lift heavy and not include any type of metabolic conditioning. Left on my own, I would’ve just done another heavy set and run to my car in the parking lot… if it was raining (that’s conditioning right?)


     I researched CrossFit and of course came across a lot of negative reviews regarding injuries and the need for a good orthopedic surgeon, and then there were the funny looking pull ups, but I still wanted to try it. I also wanted to learn the Olympic lifts which apparently you have to use your legs for??


I eventually joined UnCharted and after completing the Elements classes I was ready to go. I remember some of my first workouts having to be reeled in by the coaches. I was excited, we’re going to dead lift! I’ll just put 315 lbs on the bar, let's go! Oh wait, we’re going to do 15 rounds of 68 reps in addition to jumping on a box and those funny looking pull ups. OK - maybe not.   


Two years in now and I definitely have no regrets, (except maybe the days when burpees are programmed.) In the short time I’ve been at UnCharted I’ve done a solo competition, my first one and took 3rd place, a team competition and then took a huge step and competed in an Olympic lifting meet. In addition to competing I can definitely tell a change in my overall fitness. I’m much leaner, faster and more conditioned than I was before I came to UnCharted.

Aside from the crazy workouts, I quickly found that UnCharted is more than just a gym. It’s a community. From the beginning I was welcomed in and everyone has been and continues to be very supportive, not just during workouts but outside of the gym. I also enjoy the friendly competitiveness. In addition to being supportive, everyone has been inspiring. I can say that almost every member has inspired me in one way or another, whether it’s watching someone suffering beside you and going all out, someone’s lifting technique or your buddy going for a PR - there is inspiration in all the things that you notice that make you want to give it your all.



January Spotlight Athlete


This athlete started "from scratch" with CrossFit and has never looked back. His hard work, consistency and commitment is inspiring to all. A little story: one Sunday, Patti pulls up to the gym right at 10:00 for Open Gym. She finds him practicing his double-unders in the parking lot - no wasted time for him!
This dedication is what earned him the first Athlete Spotlight of 2018. 

**Meet  Stuart  McNeil**


 Wow!  First off, thank you Lynette and coaches for selecting me.  It is a great honer and made me smile to be selected as this month’s Spotlight Athlete. 

Myself, I've always have had a passion for sports and fitness.  As a kid I played soccer and baseball.  High school played football and swimming.  After College, as I'm sure most you know from all my running shirts, I got into running.  Also got into volleyball.   Got pretty good at Triathlons.  Placed pretty high in a few of the local triathlons, finished top 10 in the general population for the Chicago Triathlon.  I can kind of get obsessive with the activities I do.  For a couple of years it was running, another couple years it was doing triathlons. Prior to last year, I had about five years that I spent intermittently rehabbing houses,  which doing with a full time job eats up a lot of time.  So this year has been a good change of pace getting back into fitness and trying to soak up CrossFit. 


So my CrossFit journey started a year ago.  I realized that running and lifting a few weights at Golds gym I wasn't really growing much.  I was looking for a new challenge in my life, so I bucked up the extra dough and came to UnCharted. The people and the community were all very welcoming. My goals were really just self improvement and to learn all the movements. The classes and the coaches have all been very educational.  Staying before and after classes working on whatever skill, there has always been someone to help give advice.  And it was always rewarding to finally get that first muscle up, figuring out double-unders or hitting a new PR on a lift.  Every week there is something new I learn or figure out that makes things click easier.   


 I can't say enough about the coaches and the people here at UnCharted.  Classes are fun and engaging.  It's competitive but not overly so.  Everyone has a good attitude.  I've made some good friends who continue to inspire me.  CrossFit also supplements the other activities I do.  In my volleyball doubles I feel better conditioned, more mobile and more explosive in my jumps and movements.  In running I feel better conditioned to sprint out that last bit of a race. 

Anyhow it's been a satisfying year for me.  Just hope I can inspire and give back the encouragement others have given me.


December Athlete Spotlight


 You notice her lifting on the platforms, you work out next to her during a class, you partner with her for a WOD and you see her volunteering her time and talents around the gym. She's been at UCCF since almost the beginning, first just lifting and now as a CrossFitter, lifter and even a competitor in CF. We appreciate that she's
committed, dedicated and focused  ALL. THE. TIME.

*  ASHLEY DUNKER *          


Hello friends!

When Lynette texted me saying I was chosen for Spotlight Athlete this month I was very excited. It is neat to know that other people notice your dedication; it definitely put a smile on my face. The only downfall was that I have to write about myself, which I am not the best at, but I will give it a shot….

 Growing up I tried many sports, like soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball and cheer leading. I was pretty active for the most part. The one sport I focused on the most was soccer, and I ended up playing until I was about 17. Then I continued staying active by working out at Club Fitness doing cardio and lifting some weights. 


When I started attending Lindenwood University, I heard there was a weightlifting team so I decided to check it out. Little did I know it was Olympic Lifting, and when I watched the team lift I was a little intimidated, to say the least. I didn’t even know what a snatch was but I was up for something different.  I decided to give it a try and liked it a lot. After a year at Lindenwood I decided to change my major to nursing so I transferred to UMSL, which meant I needed to find another place to Olympic lift. That is when I contacted Lynette who I had met at Lindenwood. I started lifting at UnCharted CrossFit a little over two years ago, and after about six months I finally decided to give CrossFit a try, too (with the encouragement of many of the members and coaches!) It has been one of the best decisions I have made.


 I love how I get to still lift, but other movements are included in the workouts as well. There is nothing more rewarding than getting stronger and hitting new PR’s! My workouts are also a time to clear my mind from everything else and it does just that. Best of all, UnCharted is like a second home; I love how everyone is so friendly and supportive. I get to work out with some of the best people who have the same love for fitness as I do! Keep up the good work everyone. On top of all that our coaches are awesome and they are always helping us in any way they can. I love being apart of the UnCharted CrossFit family! Cheers to new PR’s! 

November Athlete Spotlight

 ~Athlete Spotlight~

You know this athlete by his wide smile, his jovial attitude
and his winning spirit. We're just so GLAD he found us online! He has been an amazing inspiration for so many of our members because he's always saying to us all,
"You can do it! God bless you - come ON!" 
**John Waddell**


Hello to all my CrossFitters. Love you all.

I have always been very active. I am the oldest of three children (I have a brother and sister.) I grew up in Colorado as a military brat. One of the things that has always been a constant in my life is physical fitness. From an early age, my mother and father had my brother and I involved in swim lessons, playing baseball, basketball, karate, Judo, wrestling and track and field. 

My parents believed that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" so as a result my brother, sister and I stayed physically active. By the time I got to high school, I focused on two sports: track and field along with football. I attended college on an athletic scholarship playing football and running track for four years. Those were some great days.


Upon graduating from college, it was hard to stay active. In college there was a routine that I had adhered to and it was easy to stay fit and trim. Now with a wonderful wife (Abna) and a lovely daughter (Anna) it was difficult to stay fit. Just finding the time to exercise became a chore in and of itself. I had every piece of fitness equipment known to man but they sat collecting dust. As a matter of fact, when I joined CrossFit, I had two gym memberships: one at Club Fitness and one at Golds gym. My typical workout consisted of the following: bench pressing and then jumping on an elliptical trainer for 30-45 minutes.

I was so discouraged because I was picking up weight in spite of my exercise routine. I called my brother and asked what he was doing to stay fit. He told me about this program called CrossFit. He said that this was the most challenging fitness program that he ever attempted. Coming from my brother, that is really saying something, because my brother played football in college and was an avid marathon runner. So when he said it was the most challenging thing he had ever done, I was intrigued. 


I went to the internet and called the very first CrossFit location that popped up. I spoke to Patti who was so warm and friendly and who immediately got me set up for my Elements classes. I found the Elements classes to be challenging and fun. For my very first CF class, Ryan was my teacher. I quickly found out that I was really our of shape. When I first began taking classes I didn't know which was worse, the stretching, the warm up or the actual workouts. It was really tough. In high school and college I had lifted a lot of weights, but I was never taught the proper way to lift weights. All that changed when I joined UnCharted. You're taught the proper techniques of lifting weights and the benefits its offers to your body when the exercise is done properly. 

Our coaches are terrific: Patti, Lynette, Ryan and Jo. They have several things in common. Our coaches are thoughtful, caring, loving, encouraging and subject-matter experts. This November will be my second anniversary here at UnCharted. When I first started, I couldn't do anything - I could barely squat 75 pounds. My wrists and hands used to really ache when attempting front squats and doing a bar muscle up was something I thought happened in fairy tales. But the more I worked out, the stronger I became and I learned to do certain movements, such as my elusive bar muscle ups. Yes - one day I came into the gym and BAM! I nailed it! No one was more surprised than myself, but it was because I came in and worked hard at it all. 

But what I like best about CrossFit is the camaraderie that we share with each other. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive.

I just can't say enough about CrossFit and my UnCharted friends. 

I thank God for each and every one of you who is a part of this UnCharted family. 



October Spotlight Athlete



Usually you see Sarah working out at the 5:oo am class - or the 9;15 - and on Saturdays - and at Open Gym. Sarah takes her workouts seriously but is one of those people who makes you enjoy working out with her. She's here helping at our competitions and parties, bringing her great family, Peyton, Adam and Jacob, to join in. We are proud that she is our October Athlete Spotlight! 

- Meet Sarah Jackson -


HI Friends!
I will admit, when Lynette said the coaches wanted me to be Athlete of the Month, my initial response was a huge smile but, "oh hell no, I don’t want to talk about myself."  Then, I talked to my UCCF buddies and they coaxed me into it.  CrossFit is so good for so many reasons, pushing me to do things I wouldn’t ever dream of is definitely one of them. 
My love for CrossFit developed in a round-a-bout way… 
I always played sports growing up.  I played soccer year round, softball, volleyball.  I was an average athlete who loved being on a team, but preferred to be out of the spotlight.  As an adult I started to struggle with my weight.  In my early twenties, I worked out a lot teaching water aerobics and taking step classes, sometimes two a day. I even ran two miles a day for a while (hush it).  I had a group of friends who also taught classes, so gym time was socialization.  Mid- twenties I had Adam, my oldest, and I struggled even more with my weight.  I tried weight loss pills, personal training, weight loss challenges, every diet known to mankind; all different types of exercise too – Zumba, spinning, group exercise, Pilates, step, couch to 5K’s (yeah, seriously).  None of these things ever lasted long or really interested me.  I’ve been thin and I’ve been pretty heavy, but I’ve never felt strong.  Anyway, fast-forward a few babies later, and I finish grad school around 230 lbs.  How did I get there?  Working nights, no regular exercise, not making myself a priority, always on/off dieting, unhappy – so many factors.                        


In 2014, I started a new job and started to work on my diet. I joined a fitness weight loss group at the YMCA and met some great people.  I made some drastic life changes that year and vowed to make my happiness & health a priority.  I stuck with it and lost about 40 lbs. that year.  It was slow, but rewarding.  I started doing yoga every day for about 2 years, some Sean T videos at night and basically lived without carbs.  I lost another 25 lbs. I was happier, my confidence was better, but I missed being in a group setting to work out.  I met someone at work that was a CrossFitter and raved about it.  I thought he was crazy.  Like cult crazy.  But I was intrigued, so I read a few articles, talked to a few people and convinced my bestie to try it with me.
We signed up for an elements class and started the day after Christmas, 2015, at another CF affiliate.  I was hooked after a week.  I had never lifted weights before and had this new awe at what bodies could do. We stayed there a few months and started looking at different boxes.  We have known Jackie Seabaugh for years, and she told Brandy about UnCharted.  We looked at the website, took a tour, met Patti and Karl, and quickly signed up.                        


It was tough at first, 5 am was a little intimidating and we were the only females.  Have you seen the boys that work out at 5 am?  I loved that I was making progress and feeling stronger and liked the coaches and programming.  I made friends - those 5 am peeps are amazing!  I was now being held accountable to show up, making plans, & working harder than I ever had.  My focus started to shift from wanting to “just be thin”, to wanting to be healthy and stronger.

CrossFit pushes my boundaries and expectations for myself.  It pushes me to try new things, to be OK to fail, to set goals.  I hated being cheered for in the beginning; it was too much attention on me.  Now, I’m OK with it.  When I started CF, I said I would never, ever do a competition.  I competed in Festivus in April this year with my UCCF friends there cheering me on.  I was scared to death to be upside down or hold weight over my head.  I can do handstands now, and feel pretty good throwing some weight up.  I can now dead lift my body weight, which was a huge goal & achievement for me. We all know how I feel about running, but 95% of the time I don’t WOD pick.  That’s huge. I have a healthier relationship with my body.  Esther has coached me at lifts, body image and nutrition.  I have learned more about myself and nutrition than I ever imagined with her support.


Having the community, fitness and a lot of fun is why I love CrossFit the most.  I love being with my UCCF fam.  I still get nervous before most WODs, which is something the coaches get, so when they push me to do more, now I say OK (usually).  The coaches are so supportive and are excellent at making the WOD work for me, whether it needs to be modified for a random pain or tightness or because it’s a skill that I don’t yet have in my repertoire.  Esther, Lynette and Jo are great examples for my daughter and I, that girls can be strong.  Ryan has infinite body positioning knowledge.  My days are always better when I get to 5 am.  I love the community, the jokes, the support, the feeling of accomplishment after a PR or a particularly hard WOD.  And the people at UCCF!  I have the most amazing, big-hearted, fun loving friends here.   Clearly, I am now in the cult. 



September Athlete Spotlight


We like to think of Will as a steady, focused and humble athlete - with a wicked sense of humor! We love his FB posts because he always has something good to say about everyone (even when he uses his humor on us). He's always there to help out in competitions and pretty much everything we do and we thank him for that. We're proud to select Will as our Athlete Spotlight!  
- Meet Will Linenweber -


First and foremost, I’d like to say I am both flattered and humbled that the UCCF coaches gave this honor to me. Coming off the heels of Caylin E and other Spotlight Athletes is not an easy task. I think of myself as someone just trying to keep up with the pack, not a Spotlight Athlete.
A little over two years ago I met Lynette when we were both in a wedding and we were paired up together.  I was heavier and was a member of the typical “globo” gym. I lifted weights with no real purpose and did variations of cardio with little or no results.  Rewinding to 10 years ago, I was an amateur boxer in the best shape of my life (187lbs at 10.3% body fat).  I quit boxing due to chronic headaches and neck pain.  Over the years the weight started to come on and going to the gym became a chore and not a passion.  A few months after I met Lynette she opened UCCF and we had a few shared friends who were original members.  Those same friends would preach to me that CF is actually safe and they got strength and body changing results. I didn’t want to hear any of that and I resisted because what I was doing was fine (right!!!!).  When I finished completing my second degree in May of 2015, I reluctantly gave it a try because I knew my health and weight was getting out of control and I needed something different.


Both Karl and Lynette did my Elements class and their attitude, experience and sincerity of wanting to help had me hooked to give it a run.  My first six months was a humbling experience. I was super scaled+ on many if not all WODS. I was consistently on the bottom rung of the whiteboard, but I was challenging myself and I knew I was getting more out of this than any workout I did at my previous traditional gym. I started with the minimum eight classes a month and in less than a year I upgraded to twelve and then Unlimited.  I cancelled all other gym memberships. It was then I really noticed change and then I began challenging myself to individual goals. 
What I found at UCCF was not just group exercise classes but a sense of belonging to something good with tangible results. Not since organized team sports I have experienced this level of bonding and motivation. This is what keeps me going, not just for me but not wanting to let anyone down because members and coaches want everyone to succeed and do their best.  The most rewarding part of my journey was not only accomplishing something but when others take note and see your hard work and dedication, whether it was hitting your first rope climb or smashing a lift.  I recall when a certain elite senior member started taking notice of my gains and work and gave praise. It was then I knew I had to keep the pedal down and not let up. I have never looked back.  I sometimes look around in class and see newer faces and I make sure to give them that extra shout of encouragement even if I’m dying myself in my corner. Maybe that one lift or rep may be their “moment” for them to break out.


I have made many friends here and even had the pleasure to be teammates with some of you in competitions.  I have found my passion once again and I am enjoying this more than ever.  I owe this all to the members and coaches, and without your support my journey would not be whole or even complete. I look forward to seeing everyone at the “Bar” and witnessing your gains.
Thank you Lynette / Jo / Ryan / Esther / Patti / Karl for all that you do and did for me.
“Confidence builds success. Success builds confidence”
~Mike Tyson