You know this athlete because of his laid back style and winning ways, but it's deceiving because at 3-2-1-GO, he's GONE! Last year he won the rookie of the year award and it wasn't just because of his work ethic but also his great attitude.
He's come a long way since starting at UnCharted because he puts in the work and stays with it -
and he smiles he whole time he's doing it!.
Fletcher Werner

I’m very thankful for the nomination as the athlete spotlight and grateful to be a member of such a positive and supportive community at Uncharted.  This really is a great place to sweat, swear, and complain about the music, all while being surrounded by great people.

Fletcher Jump Rope.png

My sustained interest in fitness happened after college when I discovered the misery of running.  I started out road running and doing local races before eventually falling in love with trail running.  If you don’t like running, try trail running! It is a completely different challenge and is so much more engaging than monotonous treadmills and roads.  All this interest eventually culminated with a 50-mile trail ultra. After burning out on running, I started powerlifting. I really enjoyed the strength building and barbell movements, but definitely felt the absence of cardio.  And not to mention, we had just had our second baby and I had been working out alone in my basement for two years. It was time for something new again. Enter Uncharted Crossfit.

Fletcher Running.png

The original goal around joining Uncharted was to find a time-efficient way to get and stay in better shape.  I love that at Uncharted, 90% of the battle is just showing up. If I can get out of bed and to the gym mostly on time, someone will have already programmed my hour and will push me to make the most of it.  It’s wonderful. Additional benefits have included a great community that supports and pushes one another to only get better … but, being a data-driven person, I do have to ask myself:  did Uncharted actually improve my fitness?

Did you know you can download your data from Wodify?  You do now. Below are some analytics I ran recently after discovering this fact.

Fletcher Chart.png

Consistency is key to improving!  The plot above provides the percentage of “RX” workouts I completed in a given week (red) along with the number of days I attended for that month (in blue).  Note that as attendance ticked up, so did the percentage of RX performances! Ok, ok, I already know what you’re thinking: correlation doesn’t imply causation!  I could have started attending more after hitting more RX workouts or maybe there’s a confounding factor that’s not being tracked. So instead, I’ll ask: did I get any stronger or faster?

Fletcher Chart 2.png

Hell Yes!  The plots above show the improvements in metcon and weightlifting performances at Uncharted.  The biggest changes were in improving my Murph time by 20 minutes and my deadlift by 50 lbs! Grace did go up by ~30 seconds, but the weight went from 95# to 135# (RX).  Crossfit has definitely made me fitter, both in cardio and strength.

Ok - this is getting long, so I’ll wrap it up.  I want to thank all the incredible coaches at Uncharted.  It’s been sad to see some leave, but the Uncharted bench is deep!  Kudos to Lynette and Patti, who can be counted on to pick up the coaching and push you at 5 am or 5 pm, rain or shine.  I come to the gym with two major goals and I’ll leave those goals as my parting words of advice:

  1. Don’t poop your pants

  2. Don’t get injured

Listed in order of importance.  I can come back from an injury; I'll never come back if I poop my pants.

Stay strong and keep hustling!