You know this athlete because she's a mainstay of the 4 pm class (where her consistency has definitely paid off) and you recognize her witticisms and banter at all times of the day (where she's consistent in her humorous outlook on life.) She has spent countless hours at our competitions, thoughtfully judging, taking stellar photos, and cheering on her fellow athletes. Let us introduce you to one of River's favorite people:

Roni Wiley


Well this was an awesome surprise! Thanks to the coaches for the nomination - you guys are the best!! Fitness and sports haven't always been my thing, I didn't play any sports in high school and wasn't really too intrigued with fitness early on in life, but I realized I was going to need to do something if I wanted to continue to eat / drink good food / beer, so here we are.

Roni warrior.jpg

  Before joining Uncharted I was all over the place, from at-home workouts and boot camps at a few places in the St. Charles area, to wandering around Club Fitness / Golds, having no clue what I was doing. I found that group classes was what worked best for me so when a new Orange Theory opened up close to me, I just assumed that was the place for me. Ha ha - do you know how much running is involved with that!?! I gave it a few months, thinking running would grow on me but I don’t think that will ever be the case, so I put in my notice to end my membership with no plans in place for what to do next.


      I went into Supplement Superstore one day and I was talking to Cole about leaving OTF and he suggested I go to his gym. When he told me it was CrossFit, I was a bit intimidated but figured it couldn’t hurt to at least do the free class. And I’ve pretty much loved it ever since. I appreciate that all the movements can be modified/scaled, especially since I clearly enjoy making my back angry (I'm getting better at listening to it , ha ha). I love that I've always been able to see progress throughout my time here, whether that's adding weight to the bar or doing movements I couldn't previously do. I am also very thankful for the coaches pushing me because at times I feel like they are more confident in my abilities than I am, and they are usually right.  

Roni squat.jpg

      And of course I need to mention the UCCF community, I felt welcomed the moment I stepped foot in UCCF.  I’ve met some amazing people during my time at here. The coaches and members really make it easy to want to get my workout in. Whether it's in or out of the box, I've enjoyed my time with the UCCF community. You all even make running a little more bearable, (but that could be that whole "misery loves company" thing ) I appreciate all of you for pushing me to be better and cheering me on along the way. Thank you again!!

Roni group.jpg