You see them at all our events, judging as a pair, cheering on our members and doing whatever is needed of them. You hear them teasing each other during workouts but they are each others' biggest fan - and yours, too! 


Joe Klosterman & Stephanie Sparks


 Joe and I have always been involved in athletics, either as athletes or coaches.  We both participated in various sports in high school (football, baseball, basketball, swimming, and volleyball).  And we were both fortunate enough to play sports in college: he football and I basketball.  Once our time as athletes came to an end we both started coaching and worked to find ways to stay active.  First, we started running.  We did this for years, trying out different running programs and training for different distance races.  We still tried to lift weights but the majority of our workouts focused on cardio

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After a few years running became boring and time-consuming.  We eventually joined a Gold's Gym near our house.  We worked out regularly, but it was difficult to stay motivated.  I was lucky enough to have access to a strength and conditioning coach at my job who wanted to train me for free. It was exactly what I needed, I was being coached again.  I had someone teaching me and creating my workouts for me.  I didn't have to worry about what I was going to do the next day or week.  He also educated me on how steady state cardio impacts the body and convinced us to utilize interval training.  


     Having moved on from that job, Joe and I were, again, in charge of our own fitness.  We joined Club Fitness and tried to continue to lift/run.  The lifting area was very limited and was usually in use.  We tried to stay on track but quickly lost motivation. 

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     Feeling very frustrated, one Sunday morning I googled gyms near our home.  UnCharted was less than 3 miles away and they were open for a few hours.  So I drove up there, walked in, and met Dorothy.  She was so excited to show me around and was so proud of her gym.  I went home and told Joe that we were going to do the Elements classes.  U.C.C.F. and Crossfit were exactly what we were looking for.  We love having the WOD's ready for us, being coached on proper technique, and working out in a fun, competitive environment.  The positive, family-like atmosphere at UnCharted is something that we always look forward to.

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    We have met so many awesome people at U.C.C.F. and give a shout-out to the 6:45pm class!  
- Thank you for having us as Spotlight Athletes!