First off I would like to say I am flattered, honored and utterly surprised to be named Spotlight Athlete of the month! 

        My CrossFit journey began in 2014, and by began, I mean I met Robbie (Tarro, one of our UCCF members) and Lynette at a bar, and they immediately started talking to me about CrossFit and tried to convince me to join. I was very unsure about joining because I honestly had no idea what CrossFit even meant. After dating Robbie for a while, he made me "fat" to guarantee that I wouldn't leave him for somebody else, so that's when I decided I needed to get some fitness in my life (in case he and I didn't work out in our dating). So I finally gave in and decided to give Uncharted a chance somewhere in the fall of 2015. 

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     Just when I started to really get into it, life threw Robbie and I a little surprise - I became pregnant! I was so sick during my pregnancy that I decided it would be best to take a break from the gym. After Basil was born, I was having some postpartum and anxiety issues, and  it was hard for me to get motivated and get back to the gym. Robbie was still going and one day he came back from the gym and told me he had started my membership again AND that I was signed up for that following Monday. It was one of the best decisions he has made for me because I needed that push. From then on I've been pushing myself in my workouts and showing up as much as possible. CrossFit has helped me overcome my postpartum and my anxiety. 

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        In the last five months, I've concentrated on cleaning up my nutrition and having a consistent workout schedule to be the best version of myself for Robbie and my wedding on November 7th of this year.  
        I've come to value what CrossFit is as a community. Sure - who doesn't like watching the CrossFit elite compete on TV, but to watch everyday people overcome obstacles and push each other continually is what is the biggest motivator and most inspiring to me. The community that UnCharted has created reminds me why I show up and keep putting in the hard work one day at a time. Moving forward, I'm excited to see how I grow with my workouts and what goals I will be able to accomplish!

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       I would like to add a special "thank you" to all the coaches, my workout buddies and Kathleen and Talaena for watching my kiddos. Without all of this support, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.