Meet our first "Dynamic Duo" chosen by our coaches for the Athlete Spotlight. He had done CrossFit before. She was hesitant. But she is known to have said after their first introductory class with him and a friend: "What were we afraid of and why did we wait so long?" because she she saw what he saw: CrossFit is fun!

**Meet Courtney Sansone And Marc Maxwell**



   Oh wow! Where do I even begin? I will make this short, sweet, and to the point.

   I have always been a competitive person. I tried every sport when I was a little kid and played soccer all throughout college. Once I graduated college, I had no idea what I was going to do since I was so burnt out on soccer. One day I saw an Instagram post of this girl who was ripped [she was a body builder] and thought to myself, I want to look like her!!! That was the start of my fitness journey. I had no idea what bodybuilding all involved and figured it was just eating semi-healthy. Shortly after, I found a coach who was willing to train me for the hard journey of a bodybuilding figure competition. After completing my show, I thought for sure bodybuilding was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Boy was I wrong!!


   Towards the end of my second competition prep, I met the other half of our “Dream Team” - Marc Maxwell. At the beginning of our relationship, Marc kept trying to convince me that I should try CrossFit. I kept laughing at him and saying "no" because all I would watch on the internet were the CrossFit fail videos! Fast forward to a year later, I finally said I would try it out just so he would leave me alone. I remember going to work the next day and researching every box that was close to us. Then BOOM! I found the one for us. UnCharted just stood out to me more than any other box. Once we signed up for the Intro Elements class, it was all over from there - I was hooked. I didn’t want to admit it to Marc, because I hate telling him he’s right (which doesn’t happen often!). After being a member of UnCharted for only a few weeks, I started to realize why Marc wanted me to join CrossFit so badly - I truly didn’t know it was possible to meet so many amazing people in one place! And that I would add to my fitness journey in such a fun way. 

Courtney Bar.png


   For starters, my back hurts from having to carry this team! (j/k) You can pretty much copy and paste what Courtney said above to my story, except the competing in bodybuilding part. I don’t think I could ever be that strict on diet and cardio. I’ve been lifting weights on and off for about 13 years. Most of that time was spent doing "Bro Sesh’s" at Golds, but I didn’t skip leg days! (Well, at least I didn’t skip them all the time).


    I first heard about CrossFit back in 2007 when I was stationed in Southern California. I could remember hearing my fellow Marines talking about this "CrossFit style" of training and it caught my interest. At the time, I worked nights in the Emergency Room on base and during the slow parts of the night, I would sit on the computer and read through the articles and forums on Though I never had the courage to go into a box and start training, it always stayed in the back of my mind as something I really wanted to try. I didn’t officially start CrossFit until 2015 and have been hooked ever since.


Courtney and I can’t even put into words how happy CrossFit has made us. We are all about working hard and pushing ourselves to become a better athlete/individual, but the community we have at Uncharted is the real win. It doesn’t matter what the person next to you is lifting or where they are at in the WOD, we all suffer and get through it together. With that being said, THANK YOU