This lady's dedication is just ... awesome. She attends lifting class, CrossFit class and even joined in our summer Cool runnings program. She has the drive to push herself past limits and progress each time she walks into the gym. She sets a positive example for her family to be healthier through fitness. You will see their whole clan -Casey, Gabreal and Talaena (our evening babysitter) - working out together here at UnCharted. We are proud to have her as part of our UCCF community!

    *  ROSEMARY MEZERA  *    


Hi Everyone!

A little bit about me ... I started my CrossFit journey four years ago. I was overweight, at a job I hated and extremely depressed. A friend of mine kept telling me to try CrossFit, so I got a CrossFit membership for my birthday and I haven’t looked back! I love CrossFit because I never get bored and the community is a huge perk! 

Rosemary Running club.jpg

The first month of CrossFit was really difficult... I dealt with anxiety every day, didn’t talk to anyone except the coach and just kept plugging away... One of the things I will never forget is my coach said “hey, all I ask is that you keep moving, I’ll get you to where you want to be.” So that is what I did. After the first month I realized that my “normal” aches and pains in my knees and back, were gone.


My confidence grew and I had the courage to quit my job. CrossFitt has taught me what everyone tries to tell you...”you’re stronger then what you think!” Not just with weights, but more importantly, with everyday mental struggles and whatever crap life throws at me. 

Once my nutrition got dialed in, my nutritionist said “Rosemary, it all has to come from your workouts now.”

Rosemary Transformation.jpg

This was one of my reasons for coming to UnCharted. She told me I need to lift more frequently and heavy!! Two of the things Coach Lynette loves to give 😬. I love to compete and seeing others reach their goals! I’m extremely honored to not only been chosen as June’s athlete but throwing down with all of you on a daily basis!