This lady is very consistent in her workouts here at UnCharted. She's at the gym a good 6 out of 7 days per week, every time giving her max effort. She loves to hear "3-2-1-GOOOO" as that pushes her to get the optimum workout she can get. And Sunday's Open Gym finds her working on her weaknesses as well as sharpening her skills. She's community-driven: always cheering, encouraging and supporting everyone around her. We hope her work ethic rubs off on everyone! Meet:



     As with most of the other athletes that Lynette and Patti have focused on, I was truly shocked to be chosen.  There are so many awesome people at this gym, and I didn’t really think I would be focused on.  What do I mean by that?  There are stronger and more proficient folks that can do more and go faster than I can.  But as I think about it, isn’t the point that we are always striving to be better, right?

I find it really hard to talk about myself like others have said in their Spotlight articles, but here it goes….


     I was pretty much in a gym consistently until my early 20’s because of the sports that I was involved in.  I fell off because I was busy working, going to school and being a single mom.  And let’s be honest,  I could eat and drink whatever I wanted at that time and nothing about my body changed! Then when those pounds started coming on in my 30’s, (and not going away on their own), I decided that I needed to get back to it. 

     Like most, I HATED going to a gym and going on the treadmill for 30 min. then walking around the weight room trying to figure out what I should do for that day.  I found myself landing in a boxing gym and fell in love with it.  I even got into the ring to spar with a trainer a few times to see if I wanted to actually box another person (not just a heavy bag.)  I only had to get hit hard in the face once to realize that was not the path for me! 


     Fast forward to June, 2016, I had an accident where I severely broke my left wrist. I was actually told that I would likely never be able to regain full function again.  They also informed me that my bones were “very thin” and borderline Osteoparitic! I was only 42!.  I was depressed because the only thing that kept me sane was my workouts. My crazy-self went ahead and worked out with a cast on and hit the bag with one arm!  (Yes I am THAT person)

     So why change since I loved boxing so much? Simple, I needed to get stronger!  The cardio was great, but I was building no muscle and not making my body (bones) stronger.  And shortly thereafter a pretty awesome person introduced me to CrossFit.  I thought I could be a rockstar when I first started because I did work out and all…..Then two weeks in, I did 16.1 and that’s where stuff got real! I immediately thought I made a poor life choice at that moment.  But afterward, I was bitten with the desire to just.get.better.



     I can honestly say that I have fallen more in love with CrossFit since then and have no desire to go back to my old boxing gym. (AND I never thought I would say that.) The people at UnCharted are a major reason why I love CrossFit as well.  They make me want to come every day and they push me even when I am not necessarily on my "A" game.  I am excited to push myself more and achieve more goals that I have set for myself!