This athlete started "from scratch" with CrossFit and has never looked back. His hard work, consistency and commitment is inspiring to all. A little story: one Sunday, Patti pulls up to the gym right at 10:00 for Open Gym. She finds him practicing his double-unders in the parking lot - no wasted time for him!
This dedication is what earned him the first Athlete Spotlight of 2018. 

**Meet  Stuart  McNeil**


 Wow!  First off, thank you Lynette and coaches for selecting me.  It is a great honer and made me smile to be selected as this month’s Spotlight Athlete. 

Myself, I've always have had a passion for sports and fitness.  As a kid I played soccer and baseball.  High school played football and swimming.  After College, as I'm sure most you know from all my running shirts, I got into running.  Also got into volleyball.   Got pretty good at Triathlons.  Placed pretty high in a few of the local triathlons, finished top 10 in the general population for the Chicago Triathlon.  I can kind of get obsessive with the activities I do.  For a couple of years it was running, another couple years it was doing triathlons. Prior to last year, I had about five years that I spent intermittently rehabbing houses,  which doing with a full time job eats up a lot of time.  So this year has been a good change of pace getting back into fitness and trying to soak up CrossFit. 


So my CrossFit journey started a year ago.  I realized that running and lifting a few weights at Golds gym I wasn't really growing much.  I was looking for a new challenge in my life, so I bucked up the extra dough and came to UnCharted. The people and the community were all very welcoming. My goals were really just self improvement and to learn all the movements. The classes and the coaches have all been very educational.  Staying before and after classes working on whatever skill, there has always been someone to help give advice.  And it was always rewarding to finally get that first muscle up, figuring out double-unders or hitting a new PR on a lift.  Every week there is something new I learn or figure out that makes things click easier.   


 I can't say enough about the coaches and the people here at UnCharted.  Classes are fun and engaging.  It's competitive but not overly so.  Everyone has a good attitude.  I've made some good friends who continue to inspire me.  CrossFit also supplements the other activities I do.  In my volleyball doubles I feel better conditioned, more mobile and more explosive in my jumps and movements.  In running I feel better conditioned to sprint out that last bit of a race. 

Anyhow it's been a satisfying year for me.  Just hope I can inspire and give back the encouragement others have given me.