You've seen him at our competitions as a fierce competitor, you've seen him judging our different competitions and you've seen him at the weightlifting classes since they first started. He has also competed (first time!) in our Olympic Weightlifting Meet where he was such fun to watch. He says it all by the big grin on his face when he hits that lift  j u s t   r i g h t.
We think he's just right for UnCharted!
Meet  Chadd Salter


Doing it for the OMF’s!!! If you don’t know what that means you’re probably still in your twenties and can get through the toughest WOD’s with relative ease. As one of the coaches once said in reference to me, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and USE YOUR LEGS!!

 My journey to CrossFit took a while. Before I joined UnCharted I had always been into fitness, well - lifting weights. My ideal workout was several heavy sets of bench, dead lifts and squats and not having to wait for someone to finish doing curls in the squat rack. Although I lifted heavy, I also ate that way too. As I made it over the hill and into my 40’s, I knew I couldn’t continue to just lift heavy and not include any type of metabolic conditioning. Left on my own, I would’ve just done another heavy set and run to my car in the parking lot… if it was raining (that’s conditioning right?)


     I researched CrossFit and of course came across a lot of negative reviews regarding injuries and the need for a good orthopedic surgeon, and then there were the funny looking pull ups, but I still wanted to try it. I also wanted to learn the Olympic lifts which apparently you have to use your legs for??


I eventually joined UnCharted and after completing the Elements classes I was ready to go. I remember some of my first workouts having to be reeled in by the coaches. I was excited, we’re going to dead lift! I’ll just put 315 lbs on the bar, let's go! Oh wait, we’re going to do 15 rounds of 68 reps in addition to jumping on a box and those funny looking pull ups. OK - maybe not.   


Two years in now and I definitely have no regrets, (except maybe the days when burpees are programmed.) In the short time I’ve been at UnCharted I’ve done a solo competition, my first one and took 3rd place, a team competition and then took a huge step and competed in an Olympic lifting meet. In addition to competing I can definitely tell a change in my overall fitness. I’m much leaner, faster and more conditioned than I was before I came to UnCharted.

Aside from the crazy workouts, I quickly found that UnCharted is more than just a gym. It’s a community. From the beginning I was welcomed in and everyone has been and continues to be very supportive, not just during workouts but outside of the gym. I also enjoy the friendly competitiveness. In addition to being supportive, everyone has been inspiring. I can say that almost every member has inspired me in one way or another, whether it’s watching someone suffering beside you and going all out, someone’s lifting technique or your buddy going for a PR - there is inspiration in all the things that you notice that make you want to give it your all.