Kind of known as the "Silent CrossFitter" around UCCF, this gentleman is renowned for his quiet demeanor and his affection for the curl bar. You see his name leading the whiteboard on a regular basis, yet he's truly such a humble guy. But we're happy to brag on him and welcome him as our April, 2018 Spotlight Athlete. Meet:

    *  MATT WHITESIDES *     

To whom it may concern,

Matthew Brian Whitesides (born March 17, 1991) is an American office worker and former barista. He currently trains at Uncharted CrossFit. Virtually all modern scholars agree that Whitesides does in fact exist.

Now a word from Matt,

Thank you Lynette and Patti for this honor, I am proud to be chosen for this considering all the past athletes and their awesome stories. I figured if I stuck around long enough, they'd run out of good candidates and have to wrap back around to me. I was hoping to stealthily avoid ever doing this, but it seems this is what fate has brought me. Luckily I'm crushing this writeup so far.


I've always enjoyed working out. I'm pretty sure I've been working out at least five days a week since I was in middle school. For some sick reason I always liked getting up early so I always took a before-school strength training class and then another one during school hours.

Before CrossFit, I always did the classic body building type workouts: Monday biceps, Tuesday chest, Wednesday legs, etc. However in college, a buddy of mine convinced me to try a power lifting competition. We did all right in the bench press (as that was really the only thing we worked on) but squats and dead lifts - we failed miserably. These were a couple of things we couldn’t easily do in a regular gym, as they frown upon failing or dropping weights. This in combination with my realization that I never did cardio beyond a 10 min walking warm-up got me thinking. I couldn't find any power lifting type gyms in my town, but I knew that CrossFit gyms let you drop weights, do Olympic style lifting, and force me to do things I normally wouldn't.


I went to the first gym I saw and it was some workout of only wall balls and running (I clearly recall something like one thousand wall balls and a marathon.) I did very poorly. It took me a few months before I went back, but it was a much more friendly - and fun - workout so I figured I might as well do this every day. I was much cooler in college because I'd go to the 5 AM CrossFit classes, go to a regular gym and do curls for 2 hours, then go to class. But affter graduation I moved to St. Charles and needed to find a CF gym. I googled "CF gyms" and wouldn't you know, Uncharted was only half a mile away, so I figured I could easily make that trek.


Truly Uncharted is unlike any of the other gyms I've been to, even at other CrossFit gyms. I've never been pushed to work and improve as much as here. Everyone here wakes up every day stoked to work out and then blows me out of the water on the WOD. The coaches here really care, too. Despite my best efforts of trying to slack off every day, they still continue to push me. I have to thank them for that.

Till next time,