December Athlete Spotlight 

Everyone - and we mean EVERYONE - knows this lovely lady because of her engaging personality, her cheerfulness, her camaraderie, her leadership, her wardrobe and her bad-ass attitude and spunk! She has always - and we mean ALWAYS - been there for the UnCharted Community (she was our very first Pioneer member) and we know she always will be. She is the heart and soul, spirit and strength of UnCharted and we're so proud she closes out 2018 as our Athlete Spotlight!



Thank you, UnCharted CrossFit Coaches, for naming me as December’s Spotlight Athlete. It is truly an honor. Five years ago, I took my first elements class and I was hooked. Bonus … the class was taught by Coach Lynette. I played sports in high school and a season in college but like most of us, it all stopped once I started adulting. I would start and stop an exercise routine over and over, from Leslie Sansone’s “Walk Away the Pounds” to Half Marathons to Spinning. I even paid hundreds of dollars for a Personal Trainer. Although I had some success nothing kept my interest, so I would stop and pack the pounds right back on.

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In 2013 I was dating a guy who was training for a Tough Mudder and of course my first question was, “What is a Tough Mudder?” After seeing a video, my second question was, “How do you train for something like that?” He said, “I CrossFit” (the only thing of worth I got from that loser.) Back to the internet I went, and it was like the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine beamed down on me - I found the world of CrossFit.

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   Five years later, I’m two Tough Mudders in and CrossFit Is Life. I’m down 4 dress sizes and healthier than I have ever been. I have gained so much more than those pounds I lost. I have come to love my 47 year-old body, thick thighs and all. I love all the amazing things it can do from handstands against the wall to thrusters to body weight back squats and deadlifts. I went from coverups on the beach to bikinis while paddle boarding. I now have irreplaceable knowledge about food and how it effects my mind and body.

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CrossFit has given me so much, but the best part of this journey is the second family I have gained! It’s all of YOU who truly keep me coming back. Life got a little rocky and somedays the only thing I was able to accomplish was feeding Jameson and getting to CrossFit. We share sweat, blood and tears …. sometimes literally. You are my CrossFit Family and unlike family by blood, we choose each other. I love you guys and all the love I give is a direct reflection of the love you give me.  

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To Sam: Thank you for the awesome words in your Spotlight Athlete letter, but it's time for you to recognize your worth to the UCCF Family. You make CrossFit FUN! You are encouraging and bring life to every class. Know that you are a strong part of why UnCharted CrossFit is special. 

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