We like to think of Will as a steady, focused and humble athlete - with a wicked sense of humor! We love his FB posts because he always has something good to say about everyone (even when he uses his humor on us). He's always there to help out in competitions and pretty much everything we do and we thank him for that. We're proud to select Will as our Athlete Spotlight!  
- Meet Will Linenweber -


First and foremost, I’d like to say I am both flattered and humbled that the UCCF coaches gave this honor to me. Coming off the heels of Caylin E and other Spotlight Athletes is not an easy task. I think of myself as someone just trying to keep up with the pack, not a Spotlight Athlete.
A little over two years ago I met Lynette when we were both in a wedding and we were paired up together.  I was heavier and was a member of the typical “globo” gym. I lifted weights with no real purpose and did variations of cardio with little or no results.  Rewinding to 10 years ago, I was an amateur boxer in the best shape of my life (187lbs at 10.3% body fat).  I quit boxing due to chronic headaches and neck pain.  Over the years the weight started to come on and going to the gym became a chore and not a passion.  A few months after I met Lynette she opened UCCF and we had a few shared friends who were original members.  Those same friends would preach to me that CF is actually safe and they got strength and body changing results. I didn’t want to hear any of that and I resisted because what I was doing was fine (right!!!!).  When I finished completing my second degree in May of 2015, I reluctantly gave it a try because I knew my health and weight was getting out of control and I needed something different.


Both Karl and Lynette did my Elements class and their attitude, experience and sincerity of wanting to help had me hooked to give it a run.  My first six months was a humbling experience. I was super scaled+ on many if not all WODS. I was consistently on the bottom rung of the whiteboard, but I was challenging myself and I knew I was getting more out of this than any workout I did at my previous traditional gym. I started with the minimum eight classes a month and in less than a year I upgraded to twelve and then Unlimited.  I cancelled all other gym memberships. It was then I really noticed change and then I began challenging myself to individual goals. 
What I found at UCCF was not just group exercise classes but a sense of belonging to something good with tangible results. Not since organized team sports I have experienced this level of bonding and motivation. This is what keeps me going, not just for me but not wanting to let anyone down because members and coaches want everyone to succeed and do their best.  The most rewarding part of my journey was not only accomplishing something but when others take note and see your hard work and dedication, whether it was hitting your first rope climb or smashing a lift.  I recall when a certain elite senior member started taking notice of my gains and work and gave praise. It was then I knew I had to keep the pedal down and not let up. I have never looked back.  I sometimes look around in class and see newer faces and I make sure to give them that extra shout of encouragement even if I’m dying myself in my corner. Maybe that one lift or rep may be their “moment” for them to break out.


I have made many friends here and even had the pleasure to be teammates with some of you in competitions.  I have found my passion once again and I am enjoying this more than ever.  I owe this all to the members and coaches, and without your support my journey would not be whole or even complete. I look forward to seeing everyone at the “Bar” and witnessing your gains.
Thank you Lynette / Jo / Ryan / Esther / Patti / Karl for all that you do and did for me.
“Confidence builds success. Success builds confidence”
~Mike Tyson