Build a pegboard and she’ the first one up – without stopping; she
throws a baby shower for a fellow UCCF athlete and brings her
famous Cajun Mac & Cheese; struggle with toes-to-bar and she’s right there cheering you on:
As one of our coaches said when voting on this month’s Athlete Spotlight, 
“I vote for Caylin because her dedication, positive attitude and no-excuse mentality that has made her a given for this month.” 
** Meet Caylin Emery **

(and we’re all rooting for you, Caylin, as you are SOOOO close
to your 200 lb back squat!) 


First of all, wow! I was not expecting this, and I won’t lie - my face lit up when I received the email stating that I had been voted Spotlight Athlete of the Month. I’ve always been pretty athletic. I’ve played every (important) sport a girl could play. I am very much the type of person who goes above and beyond, especially when you tell me I can’t do something, from shooting guns to putting weight over my head. This year especially has been a year for change and improvement for me both inside and outside of the gym. So let’s start from the beginning…

      I started my CrossFit journey back in 2011 when I joined Premier Fitness. Granted, Premier wasn’t “a real CrossFit gym” but it laid the foundation for my love of the sport/lifestyle. That hole-in-the-wall gym led to friendships, heartbreak and the realization that I have a butt "most women would die for" as stated in one of the Premier Fitness newsletters. Not tooting my own horn but…(insert semi horn here). P.S. It’s purely genetic.

     When I left Premier, I never thought I would find a gym where the members felt like family. AND THAT’S WHEN I MET LYNETTE. I decided to give CrossFit TNT a shot and went through the process of testing out of Elements. After talking with Lynette for the 50 minutes or so while I tested out, I didn’t sign up for a class that she wasn’t coaching for the first two months. It was an instant friendship from day one.


Then there was Ryan, always stuck with the 1 pm class that I typically took since I was working nights at the time. Imagine the scene from Step Brothers, when Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly run through their list of favorite things ... “Did we just become best friends?! YEP!”  Need I say more?

TNT provided me with a newfound love of CrossFit that I had thought I lost when I left Premier. They sharpened my skills and helped me become an RX athlete. DISCLAIMER: You can’t become a great athlete without great friends. Where do I start?! Esther, Turtle (formally known as Rob Tarro), Dorothy, Barb, and Angie (sorry if I missed people, sucks to suck.) I met all these wonderful people who eventually all ended up at……….



Now here’s where we get to the good stuff! This year especially has been a year for change and improvement for me both inside and outside of the gym. I set my mind to becoming healthier and stronger. I pushed myself, I hit PRs, I created my own successes, I set goals and stuck to them. I can’t thank Lynette and Ryan enough for pushing me through WODs and not letting me “turtle”. Thanks for being my friends these past 3-4 years and lifting me up when life kicks me in the teeth. And Esther! Thank you for all your criticisms and quirkiness. I can honestly say that my snatch wouldn’t be great without you.  ;)  Jo, I know deep down you love me and I’d like to thank you for taking all the garbage I dish your way. UnCharted is my second family, and I can’t express my appreciation and love enough to all its members. Thank you for all the cheers, high fives, butt slaps, hugs and tears, ripped hands, bruises, rope burns, sweat angels, friendships both old and new - the list goes on and on. Stay golden.

P.S.  And Brian, how awesome is this!? I didn’t even have to run for Spotlight Athlete - people just like me!

(mic drop)