We coaches here at UnCharted CrossFit make sure that we train our athletes to do what their bodies allow them to do at all levels and at all ages, and we work with our athletes to make sure their form is correct and their basics are strong. Only then can it all be fun – and CrossFit is fun for everyone!

Coach Lynette Kotraba




  • B.A. Business

  • Crossfit level 1

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  • crossfit weightlifting

  • crossfit gymnastics

  • crossfit kids

  • crossfit football

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I have been a competitive athlete all of my life, probably because I have three big brothers who are all athletic, too. After I finished playing college volleyball I found myself stuck and bored with my workout routine. Staying active has always been something I have enjoyed, but I lost that enthusiasm until I found CrossFit. I started coaching shortly after starting CrossFit and I am fortunate enough to have found my passion in life. I have extended my education with numerous CrossFit courses and certifications and I love to learn how to help others meet their goals. 

In 2014, I went back to college and was able to lift on Lindenwood University’s Olympic Lifting team where I trained with exceptional athletes. I have learned so much, competing in meets across the country, and I have been able to take that knowledge and apply it to my CrossFit coaching. I am blessed to be able to coach and work with truly amazing people and educate them on how to live a healthier and happier life through fitness.




  • Masters degree from lindenwood university

  • crossfit level 1

  • crossfit kids 

I got started in CrossFit because my daughter, Lynette, kept encouraging me to come work out with her at the box she was coaching at. After seeing what Lynette could do, (and hoping someday to do half as good) I joined CrossFit and loved it from the start. In 2014, I got the opportunity to do the CrossFit Open in the Women’s Master’s 60+ and posted my scores. I was surprised – and pleased – that I made the top 200, which sent me on to the Master’s Qualifier, where I ended up number 110 in the world. This encouraged me to continue on, of course, and get better, faster and stronger. I took the next step and got my Level I Trainer’s certification in November of 2014 and my CrossFit Kids certification in March, 2015. I love working with the kids and I especially like working with senior Masters athletes, because older people need to know that not only can they can do CrossFit workouts, they can excel at them. 

Lynette and I shared a grand vision and are now co-owners of UnCharted CrossFit. All I can say is, how lucky am I that I get to be partners with my daughter in an enterprise we both love doing – who gets that opportunity in their lives? I am blessed to be working with talented coaches and athletes who care about our CrossFit Community – exploring the road less traveled.

Coach Patti York

Coach Ryan Peterson




  • B.S. Exercise Science from Lindenwood university



  • Crossfit level 1

  • Crossfit Football

  • Crossfit gymnastics

I started Crossfit in 2011 when a friend brought me to the box he was working out at. Soon after I left on a naval deployment and was obsessed with trying out workouts on the boat I was living on. When we returned, I knew I needed to find a box to work out at. Getting in shape made me feel such joy that I wanted to help others with their journey, so I started working as my command’s fitness leader. After getting out of the Navy I knew I wanted to continue a career in fitness and in CrossFit. I signed up and sat for the first Level-1 seminar I could, but ever since I have wanted to know more.  I recently graduated from Lindenwood University with and Exercise Science degree. 

I love training at the gym and eating food, mostly sweet potato fries and pizza. I also am a big sports fan and will watch pretty much any game but have to root for the Cubs and Blackhawks the most. I am excited to be part of the UnCharted team and look forward to training with you. “Would you rather miss one game for the season or the season for one game?”  




  • B.S. Exercise science

  • Crossfit level 1

  • crossfit gymnastics


  • cpr certified

I first found out about Crossfit by watching the Crossfit games on ESPN and immediately looking up what this 'sport of fitness' was all about. As a collegiate athlete I realized that while I loved competing, I loved the strength and conditioning side of sports even more. During my time as an exercise science student my favorite internship hours were spent in a Crossfit gym. The community I experienced there combined with constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness had me hooked since 2014. 

I am an ACSM certified personal trainer and aqua aerobics instructor, but my passion is coaching Crossfit and being part of people's fitness journey. Whatever the goal- weight loss, training for competition, keeping up with grandkids- I love being part of the process. I feel so blessed to be part of the UnCharted family and work with such amazing people each day!

Coach Jo Sharp

Coach Kyle Jolas


crossfit Coach


  • Crossfit level 1

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Jolas. Sports and working out have always played a major role in my life. Growing up I played multiple sports and was always very active. My dad got me involved with wrestling at the age of four. At that time it’s more of just playing a game and tackling one another but the sport has impacted my life in more ways than I would have ever imagined. Wrestling is the reason that I am currently in St. Charles. The sport of wrestling is very humbling. I have experienced my fair share of ups and down but most notably, I can say that I am a 2x NCAA D2 National Qualifier along with being a 2x NCAA Academic All-American. I will graduate from Lindenwood University, with a degree in Exercise Science and in the Spring of 2019 I will receive my Master's in Higher Education with the hopes of working at a university as an Athletic Director.

My dad is the one who initially introduced me to CrossFit. Back in high school, he was not only my assistant coach but he also ran our strength and conditioning workouts. And boy let me tell you, my dad doesn’t hold anything back and can turn a man into a boy really fast. Eventually, I decided to branch out and actually find a CrossFit box. The daily workout grind reflected so much of what I was going through with wrestling and it drove me to fall in love with CrossFit and the ways that it made me grow.

I enjoy coaching CrossFit because I get to make an immediate and long term impact on those around me. I am extremely thankful to be part of someone’s fitness journey. I know that they are coming into the box to sweat, workout, and give an all-out effort. For an hour every day, I get to make that hour enjoyable and try to make that hour all about them; I get to provide a release from all of their daily stress whatever that may be. Ultimately it is my responsibility to pass on as much knowledge to our athletes as I possibly can!




  • B.S. Exercise science


  • Crossfit level 1

  • cpr certified

I began weightlifting as a part of strength and conditioning for the various sports that I played in high school. My senior year I was thrown into Olympic Weightlifting where soon found that I excelled. I was later offered a scholarship for Olympic Weightlifting at Lindenwood University. I spent my freshman year and part of my sophomore year on the weightlifting team until I found a love for rugby. I played on the Lindenwood Rugby team for two years until I ultimately went back to my true passion of weightlifting. In my final year at Lindenwood I traveled to the University Nationals competition, where I won the gold for the 90kg class.

Outside of my athletic experience at Lindenwood I majored in Exercise Science and minored in Strength and Conditioning. I worked for the Athletic Performance department for three and a half years and recently obtained my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification. I have found a love for CrossFit during my time here at UnCharted and am very excited to help people with their fitness journey through CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting!

Coach Chelsey McMichael