UnCharted Personal Training is a 12,000 square ft. private fitness facility that offers 1-1 personal training in a comfortable setting. We have invested in the best equipment and the best trainers so you can train the way you want, knowing you will see results. With specialties in athletic performance, weight loss, postural and corrective exercise, post rehabilitative strength, we specialize in overall improvements in health and fitness. At UnCharted we believe in developing the entire person by building personal relationships and bringing our community together through health and wellness.


IndividualizeD training

While people may have similar goals, ambitions or reasons for training, no two of us are the same when it comes to fitness, lifestyles and training goals. Be it physical abilities, psychological makeup, our careers, our home life or even the locations we live in, all of these components make us unique. Because of this individual uniqueness, we must adapt and modify our personal training to support the rest of our daily lives.

As fitness professionals here at UnCharted, it is our responsibility to develop a program that is best suited for you. Once we design the programming, we start right away working together so that the training and programming support your individual goals and needs to compliment your daily lifestyle and stress / workloads. The programming is always growing and developing based upon your physical transformations as well as any changes in the other important areas of your life. We will continue to work together - as a team - for you to achieve your best and to maximize your potential over a gradual and forward progression.


The fitness professional and client must develop a strong relationship and level of trust that will facilitate open and honest channels of communication. If you’re a person who has decided to hire a trainer, you must constantly be open and honest with that trainer. This means letting him / her know if you’re struggling with any aspects of the training, if you’re nursing an injury or if you’re having any lifestyle stresses that could contribute to underperforming. The trainer and client relationship must be strong and must continue to grow and develop as the two become a team. Expectations of one another should be addressed early on in the relationship, so there are no grey areas. Any good trainer wants nothing but the best for each client. As trainers, we will always put the client's health and wellbeing first. While goals are important to us, just as they are to you, we will never push someone outside of their abilities. To achieve your goals and be successful, we are a team!




The vast majority of us work out for our health, for our daily fulfillment and to build common friendships and relationships. We train to reach our goals, whatever those goals might be. For some of us, its to be a better athlete. For others, it’s to lose 20 pounds, to rehab an injury gain muscle and strength. And the list goes on. Whatever your reasoning for training, it should be fun. While there is no doubt it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, it shouldn’t feel like a job. If it isn’t fun, why are we doing it?

While many days are spent in the grind, you should always find a moment in every workout to reflect on why you’re doing this. Sure, there are external goals that get many of us out of bed and out the door most mornings, but the truth is, it’s you - our client -who has to be happy with what you’re doing. If you’re doing this for any other reason but you, then it will eventually become a chore that is no longer fun.

Find your reasoning. Find your why. The reasoning and the why for us as trainers is to build a batter you. We build relationships: we build a team, a community, a family. Our job is to always strive to get the best from you, and in turn, to make us all better than we were the day before. For as long as you continue to train with us, we intend to help you become the best person you can be. Explore the road less traveled - and enjoy the journey!